HXA Room Booking is a room booking system to use your rooms & resources more efficiently.

Meetings in companies are a time-consuming but also a necessary agenda. With the intelligent HXA Room Booking App, you save the time of booking while keeping your rooms optimally usable.

Teams can efficiently plan and organize meetings using the HXA Room Booking app.
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A Room booking system should be easy.

Meetings and rooms are booked by staff from all departments, so we've developed an app that puts all users in the spotlight with an intuitive user interface.

iPad displaying the HXA Room Booking App. It shows that the meeting room is unoccupied

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free forever for 1 Device

  • Synchronization with Office systems
  • Daily agenda
  • Room status green and red
  • Clear room availability
  • Full screen mode
  • 30 second synchronization interval
  • 7 days of premium function free of charge
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€12.99/month *without VAT

most popular

  • Synchronization with Office systems
  • Daily agenda
  • Room status green, yellow and red
  • Clear room availability
  • Full screen mode
  • Freely selectable synchronization interval
  • Quick Meeting (Ad-hoc) Reservation
  • Planning of events directly on the display
  • Check-in & check-out of events
  • Pre check-in of events
  • Selectable synchronization interval
  • Corporate branding possible (own room name, display of the mailbox avatar)
  • Extended administrator functions
  • Support via ticket system
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on request

  • All the features of premium
  • For individual solutions
  • Automatic meeting workflows
  • Analytics and Statsiken of spaces and resources
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Fast integration

Plug & Play easy and fast integration in your corporate environment.

Less complex

No server! No middleware! Easy to integrate and fast rollout. Just enter the corresponding room mailbox and password.

Save money

Time is money! Save significant time of planning and booking your meetings.

Good looking

Attractive and a User-freindly Interface, in which you can check the status of the room from distance.

All Plattforms

Multiplatform - HXA Room Booking is available on iOS, Android and Windows.

100% Satisfaction

Stress-free room booking & planning - users love our HXA Room Booking App.

Available on Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google G Suite

Synchronization of Microsoft
Exchange & next Google's G Suite

HXA Room Booking App provides access to popular systems such as Microsoft's Groupware Exchange as of Exchange Server 2013, Office 365, and next Google's G Suite.

Check-In and Check-Out to control
your ressources effiecent

With check-in & check-out feature, your meetings will be more precise. Meetings can be ended immediately after the check-out  to free the room for other colleagues.

iPad with the indication that a room is occupied

Book in seconds straight from the screen.

The eye-catching screen shows instant room availability and upcoming meetings allowing the booking to be done just in 2 clicks using features like instant booking, auto time slot allocation and many more.

Extend events directly from the screen.

If an event is running out of time (> 15 min) the possibility will show up to extend this event till the next event is upcoming.

iPad in occupied status and room service order in the foreground

The Roomservice-AddOn helps
to stay focussed in the appointment.

Order products or services like drinks or cookies uncomplicated at a screen. Orders will be sent directly to the service staff, who will take care of the request. So you can fully focus on the important things in the appointment.

A modular product- and service catalog allows a free product- and servicedesign as well as a flexible assigment of products and services to a individual rooms.


saving time..

Meetings and planning of rooms and resources are time intensive. With an intuitive meeting planning & better overview -you will save time and be prepared for stress-free and productive meetings.

employees fast adopt..

A simple onboarding enables a fast rollout into your corporate IT infrastructure. You only need 3 steps for the complete setup of the app.

low & fair investment..

You decide which device you use and have the full control over your budget. Thanks to our cross platform app.

Keep your ressources usable. Auto-Cancel your  
Meetings if nobody shows up for the meeting

Is this room free? No chaos of overbooked or unnecessarily booked rooms anymore. Auto Cancellation allows meeting rooms to be planned based on their actual use. If a room is booked for a meeting which for some reasons could not be made, the room will be free again after 15 minutes.

Reduce your cost and save time
by keeping your Meetings & Rooms organized.

Your Employees are spending on average up to 5 hours a week trying to organize and schedule meetings. Your meeting rooms are only 36% in use, which means 5 hours of wasted time each day. With our Modern and Elegant Booking System, you can save time and optimally use your company resources. Our Room Booking System helps to reduce costs and work more efficiently and smart.

10 Reasons why you should have a Room Booking System App.

Stress-less meetings starts with perfect preparation. Do not leave anything to chance. An intuitive room manager helps you to use your rooms smoothly.

  • Plug and Play System..
  • Great interface to show the calendar of each room.
  • Quick booking functionality directly from the touch display..
  • Check-in / check-out functionality.
  • Planned booking using Microsoft Exchange/Office 365.
  • Auto scheduling to the next possible time (for quick events).
  • Name of the Room on the display.
  • Branding the system interface with customer‘s logo.
  • Statusbar to show the availability of the room.
  • Sync with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

Choose a license for your room booking application that suits you best.





Price per license

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per month

€ 12,99*

per month

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Unterstützte Plattformen
Digital Signage Systeme Alle mit ActiveSync Alle mit ActiveSync Alle mit ActiveSync
Maximale Anzahl an Geräten 3 Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt
Update & Wartung Inklusive Inklusive Inklusive
Demo / Testversion Unbegrenzt 7-tägige Testversion Auf Anfrage
Grundlegende Funktionen und Eigenschaften
Ad-hoc & Kalenderbuchung, Buchung über mobile Endgeräte
Synchronisation mit Microsoft Exchange, Office 365
Support (Helpdesk) Community 39 € / Monat 39 € /Monat
Support (Helpdesk & Hotline)   79 € / Monat 79 € /Monat
Dashboard & Statistiken   folgt folgt
Quick-Event (Ad-hoc Buchung)  
Pre Check-in Termin/Besprechun  
Tägliche Agenda
Farbliche Anzeige vom Buchungsstatus Grün, Gelb und Rot Grün, Rot Grün, Gelb und Rot Grün, Gelb und Rot
Einfache Benutzeroberfläche
Individuelle Quick-Event Ereignisnamen  
Top Funktionen und Eigenschaften
Check-in Button  
Termin/Besprechung planen  
Check-Out Button  
Termin / Besprechung verlängern  
Termin / Besprechung Titel anzeigen   Optional Optional
Liste der Teilnehmer   Optional Optional
PIN-Schutz   folgt folgt
Wählbares Synchronsierungsintervall 5 Minuten Synchronisierungsintervall frei Wählbares Synchronsierungsintervall frei Wählbares Synchronsierungsintervall
Exklusive Services
Benutzerdefinierte Funktionen und Einstellungen,
oder Corporate Branding
  Eigener Raumname, Anzeige des Postfach-Avatar Eigener Raumname, Anzeige des Postfach-Avatar
Persönlicher Kundenbetreuer  
Individuelle Lösungsansätze    
Automatische Meeting Workflows    
Analytics und Statisken von Räumen und Ressourcen    
Vertragslaufzeiten & Zahlmethoden
Contract term period   12 months 12 months
Billing period selectable   1 month / 12 months 1 month / 12 months
Payment by direct debit  
payment with credit card  
Payment by PayPal  

*) Erstmalige Einrichtung notwendig - Preise gelten nur für Neukunden, Alle Preisangaben verstehen sich zzgl. der gesetzlichen MwSt. Es gelten die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen.

Stand 02.03.2018 - Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten

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